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The People's Story

The People's Church of The Harvest was founded by Senior Pastor Lawrence Parks in 1943.  Pastor Parks saw his community struggling to survive and without hope.   He knew he had to act.  The Lord gave him a vision to serve and uplift the people and the People's Church of The Harvest was born to serve the greater Westside of Chicago. He and First Lady Narcissus served the community for more than 27 years (1943 -1970). 


Senior Pastor William Eaddy succeeded his uncle Pastor Parks in 1970.  The Lord put a similar servant heart in Pastor Eaddy. He and First Lady Ethel Eaddy pushed the ministry forward serving the Westside community for nine years from 1970 - 1979.


Senior Pastor Michael Eaddy succeeded his his father Pastor William Eaddy in 1979 and is currently the pastor today. For more that 41 years Pastor Michael Eaddy and First Lady Christine Rose Eaddy have served the Greater Westside community.


Their vision has been to focus on outreach to their community, spiritual growth, and an emphasis on building for the future.  That said, in 1999 with the Lord leading the way, pastor Eaddy and First Lady Eaddy led a God inspired effort of building a new 12,000 square foot church home at 3570 W. 5th Ave in

Chicago, IL. 

Pastor Michael Eaddy and First Lady Christine Rose Eaddy continue in the spirit of the founding fathers in extending holistic ministry to the members and the community at large.  By God's grace the church has offered:



  • Mayor's Summer Youth Employment
  • Warm Feet Campaign (distributing new shoes)
  • Drug Prevention Education and Anti-Violence
  • Senior Citizens Assistance
  • Homebuyer Education
  • Financial Literacy 
  • Career Counseling
  • Toys for Tots
  • Back-to-School Grants
  • Emergency Aid
  • Food Distribution
  • Computer
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